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Savannah Fans – First Five in E-Book for the Very First Time!

Tuesday, February 25

G.A. McKevett’s private detective Savannah Reid isn’t your average crime-fighting heroine.

Middle-aged and overweight—at least by society’s skinny-winnie standards—Savannah has the audacity to love herself anyway. If there’s anything the sassy Dixie belle enjoys more than cooking soul-satisfying food for her friends and family, it’s nabbing bad guys and plopping them on the scales of Lady Justice. Having relocated to Southern California, this unconventional Georgia peach and the equally eccentric members of her Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency live to take a tasty bite out of crime in the sleepy, seaside town of San Carmelita.

And here’s the book started it all! First in the Savannah Reid Mysteries, , Just Desserts is pure vintage Savannah, recalling the days when she’s still a cop on the San Carmelita Police Force. But not for long. Savannah is determined to untangle a dark web of murder, dirty politics and ultimate betrayal to find out who killed a city councilwoman’s husband. Solving the case may cost her everything she holds dear…including her badge.

Bet you can’t consume just one Savannah Reid.  E-Reads has four more.  You’ll find them here Want to binge on the whole series? You’ll find them, in ebook and paperback, here.



George E. Simpson

George E. Simpson collaborated with Neal R. Burger on a handful of very successful thriller and adventure novels, including BLACKBONE, FAIR WARNING, GHOSTBOAT, SEVERED TIES and THIN AIR. Thirty years after its first publication, GHOSTBOAT was made into a movie. ...
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George E. Simpson