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A Man Transfixed by The Serpent Girl

Thursday, January 16

When Ray Garton’s Serpent Girl opens, Steve Benedetti has a dark and lonely job from which he has decided to retire. On his way home from what he intends to be his final assignment, he stops at a carnival to kill some time. There he meets the Serpent Girl, a woman who mesmerizes him as no other woman has…and stirs in him desires that blind his own better judgment. They each have a dangerous secret.

Steve decides to take her with him on the road, a decision that binds them—and their secrets—together in ways neither could ever suspect. They begin an erotic journey that takes them much farther than their physical destination…a bloody journey that will irrevocably change them both.

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Frank Lauria

Frank Lauria was born in Brooklyn, New York and graduated from Manhattan College. He He has written articles and reviews for various magazines and is a published poet and songwriter. He lives in San Francisco where he teaches creative writing. He has worked in the publishing industry in several capacities and currently has a sideline as a driver for authors doing book and media tours in and around San Francisco. He has been publishing novels for almost forty years and has published seventeen, including five bestsellers. He lived through and participated in the Beat era, met Jack Kerouac and most of the other well-known people associated with the movement. Lauria moved to Northern California almost twenty years ago but still funct...
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Frank Lauria